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Court Usage

As the winter evenings get ever darker, it's perhaps worth reminding everyone, both established and new members, of the rules on court usage. This is that if all courts are in use and people are waiting to play then the court must be vacated at the end of a set.  If singles is being played then, without delay, those waiting to play should be invited to play doubles.  

Guest Fees

This is to reaffirm the policy regarding guests. A payment of £5 per adult £2 per junior) is required on each occasion payable into the club bank account citing the guest name as a reference. The bank account details are : Sort Code 20-32-37, Account No 50001333. In addition an email must be sent to me at with the guest details and confirming payment. Any individual guest is only permitted to play three times, after which the guest is expected to join the club.  

Camps Next Week

Kids camps start next week and continue the following week. Hence the block of four courts is in use from 9:30-3PM.

Brondesbury Winter Doubles Ladder

Dear All,

I had an idea for a World Beating doubles ladder sometime ago, but, after outsourcing it to a couple of shambolic city accountancy firms, I have decided to take it back ‘in house’.

Deloitte’s revolutionary ‘Step & Space’ technology
[Deloitte’s revolutionary ‘Step & Space’ technology]

The aim is threefold ... for those of us who enjoy competitive doubles to compete against opponents of similar ability; for new members to feel part of our ‘family’ and forge new friendships; and for the tennis section to regain a sense of pre-pandemic togetherness.

Here is how it will work:

  • Choose a partner - it’s usually wise to select a forgiving friend, or a brilliant player. Or, as I’ve done, find someone with low self-esteem to carry your bag. Sex and age are irrelevant here - the ladder works magically for all-comers. It is one great big ladder for all:

The Brondesbury Ladder: made from ethically-sourced Dunlop Maxplys and dreams of greatness
[The Brondesbury Ladder: made from ethically-sourced Dunlop Maxplys and dreams of greatness]

  • Email me at with your partnership details (including phone number) and trust me to place you in an approximately accurate starting position on the ladder. You have just over two weeks to get yourselves warmed up and sorted, as proceedings will start on November 1st.
  • Wherever you are placed on the ladder is not meant to be insulting - you will have ample opportunity to rise up the rungs through the winter and find your rightful place.
  • It’s entirely up to you (not me) to issue a challenge to a pair above you. The maximum challenge distance is two rungs ahead on the ladder. If you beat your opponents, let me know and I’ll place you one position ahead of them. Please decide before the match if you have time for one set, or best of three. Remember that you’ll have to vacate the court after a set if others are waiting - these matches don’t take priority over social tennis.
  • So ... to sum up, you can be a men’s pair, a ladies pair, or a mixed pair. You can be brilliant or crap, or, my personal favourite, mediocre with delusions of grandeur. Just decide which friendship and whose winter season you want to ruin. The ladder will be updated weekly and posted on the club website and in the occasional newsletter.

In line with the amazing social spirit at Brondesbury, I’d like this rolling competition to allow us to help in the broader community, so entries per pair (for the whole winter) will be £10. Times are very hard for some at the moment, and by supporting The Felix Project, we can help supply food to those in need. Please give your entry fee to Marina or me when you see us. Alternatively you can make the donation directly on their website:

Hopefully that answers all possible questions, even for members of the men’s 4th team, so why not join in the fun?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Tennis AGM

We are not holding a Tennis AGM this year. Not only does covid make this too difficult but much of the normal content (club tournament, match season, etc) would be absent. The club is holding an AGM on Nov 29 and Tennis will be a part of that. In the meantime, please feel free to email me on any issues you wish to raise. Furthermore, if you are interested in joining the Tennis committee, or even to take on the role of Tennis Secretary, please let me know.

Winter Matches

Both adult and junior matches are being held over the winter. The adult ones are midweek evening (floodlit) matches while the junior ones are held at the weekend starting at 12:00. If you wish to avoid these times, check the Upcoming Events on the home page. 

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey is being conducted on Wednesday morning this week and will involve use of the block of three courts between 07:30-10:30. It would be best to avoid use of these courts between those times.

Courts Resurfaced

As many of you will now know, the block of three courts has been resurfaced and they are playing beautifully.

We have re-opened the club to new members after closing the club on lockdown and postponing the re-opening till the courts had been resurfaced. We also banned guests both because of lockdown and the resurfacing and also because the guest fee payment involved obtaining an envelope from the pavilion and posting cash in it through my letterbox. We are now re-allowing guests with fees to be paid online to the club bank account (Sort Code 20-32-37, Account No 50001333and an email to me ( including the member's and guest's names. Please note that an adult guest fee is £5 and a junior one is £2. An individual guest is allowed to play only on three occasions, after which the guest is required to join the club.

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