Bingo Evening - Saturday 14 November 2009

The Club will be hosting a traditional bingo evening on Saturday 14 November at 8.00pm.  Come along and bring the family - eyes down for a full house!!  £5 entry which will include a game card and light snack/nibbles.  Extra game cards £1.  Prizes available.  Please indicate whether you will be attending by registering your attendance via the Events Calendar.

New Club Website

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our exciting new website. Apart from a professional appearance, it has a wealth of new features and facilities for club officers, but, more importantly, also for you, the playing member, or parent.  In order to be able to access all of these features, we should be very grateful if you would register with the site by following the instructions in the article below - How To Register With The New Website - which should only take 2 or 3 minutes.

Because content can be added without requiring any technical knowledge we will be able to ensure far more current information is at your disposal. It also means that a broad range of people, suitably authorized, can create content. They don't have to be club or section officers. Indeed we are hoping that budding journalists and bloggers among our membership, including juniors, will seek to exploit this opportunity.

We will be keeping the events calendar up to date. So please make use of it. We will be putting details of home cricket, tennis & squash matches in there also so you can see when the club is being used and when tennis/squash court availability may be reduced as well as details of all club social events. 

For club members or their parents that register with the site there are a range of new facilities. These include:

  • The ability to update your profile information, some of which will be visible to other members
  • You can subscribe (and unsubscribe) to the various section and club newsletters that will be sent from the site, such as this one
  • You can use the Members List to seek out other members and email them. After establishing a connection with another member you will be able to send them instant messages.   
  • You can browse the club's document library, which we aim to populate with everything we produce. 
  • You can confirm your attendance at social events in the calendar and see who else is coming.
  • You can express your views on any aspect of the club on one of the discussion forums

So please take a look now if you can spare the time and remember to register with the site.


How To Register With The New Website

To gain access to the full range of facilities you, and each of your family members who play, including juniors, are invited to register individually with the website by following the process below:

  1. Just click on the link below the Login box (bottom left-hand corner of the screen).
  2. Complete the form. (If you're a tennis member you'll be asked to enter your playing level. This is to assist you in finding other members of comparable playing level.)
  3. Your registration will then be approved and you can then login to the site.
  4. Edit your profile and upload your image so other members can identify you in the Members List.
  5. Please subscribe to the various newsletters that are relevant to you. (You are receiving this newsletter now as a guest subscriber. After subscribing as a registered member you might receive duplicate newsletters for a while, but this should be rectified quickly.)
  6. Please look at the Members List and feel free to request connections to other members you know or wish to know. (You do this by clicking on their name and, once viewing their profile, click on the Connections button and issue a request.) Once your connection has been accepted you can send Private (Instant) Messages to each other.
  7. Lastly, the forums are there to communciate not just with club officers but with everybody. So please don't be shy and get started by creating a discussion on something that interests you that needs changing or attention.

NB: If you share an email address with another member we'd recommend one of you acquires a new email address. You should be able to forward emails from the new to the current email address (it's possible, for example, with Googlemail), thus leaving your normal way of working unaffected.

Above all, have fun!!

Please Do Not Reply To Newsletters

All club and section newsletters are sent from the same email address, which will not be looked at, so please don't try and email newsletter authors by clicking on the reply button. Click on the appropriate contact link at the bottom of the newsletter instead.

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