The Tennis AGM is on Oct 11th starting at 5:30PM. We are including a number of interesting topics:

  • A review of the rules for the Wimbledon ticket ballot
  • Court priority on the floodlit courts in winter
  • The status of the new hut project, with pictures
  • A new club website including a demo

2009 Tennis AGM Report

This was held on Sunday, Oct 11th, and we had a good turnout for some very lively discussion. The document full minutes , including attendees, have been published, but here is a summary:

  • On a provisional basis, the coaches have been assigned priority on one floodlit court from 7:30-9:30PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays a deal has been done with the ladies whereby Alex has given up his priority on one court between 5:30-7:30PM in return for priority between 7:30-9:30PM. If you are unhappy, or indeed in agreement, with this arrangement please voice your views on the website discussion forum.
  • The hut design has been agreed (see here) and plans have been submitted. Assuming planning approval we hope to start the project early in the new year.
  • The Wimbledon Ticket Ballot rules were subjected to extensive discussion but the majority wished to keep the current system. The options discussed are described document here .  Again, air your views on the discussion forum.
  • After the website demo, Matt Bamford gave his highly amusing match season report. The full text is document here.
  • Matt Bamford was awarded Life Membership of the Tennis Section for the combination of his extraordinary leadership of the men's 2nd team for the past 6 years, achieving promotion in all but one year, and for his amazing contribution, via the two talent shows, to Hut Relief!. Congratulations to Matt.

Lost Your Spectacles?

Charlotte has handed me two pairs of spectacles. Please contact me to arrange their return.

Please Join British Tennis Now!

If you, and any other playing members of your family, haven't yet joined the LTA's free British Tennis (BT) programme, could you (and they) please join now, and certainly before the end of November. At that point the club's number of BT members will be used to determine the number of Wimbledon tickets we are allocated for the ballot next May. It is also required if you (or they) wish to participate in the ballot. It'll only take a minute or two and please remember to affiliate to Brondesbury, which is in the LTA's Middlesex area.

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