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This newsletter is to advise you that we have recently reviewed our club policies. These include:

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Report a Concern Procedure
  • Welfare Officer Poster and Role
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy Procedure
  • Changing Room Policy
  • Use of Imagery Policy
  • Guide to safer Recruitment

 All of which can be found online using the following link:

 You can may also view a hard copy of the above policies in the Tennis Pavilion.

 Please also see our notice board for:

  • Safeguarding Policy Summary
  • Welfare Officer Poster
  • Annual Risk Assessment
  • Code of Conduct Policy
  • Concern Reporting Procedure
  • Changing Room Policy

Our welfare Officer is Naomi Brightwell who can be contacted on 07930 525 215 and the LTA Safe and Inclusive Tennis team can be contacted on 0208487700. 

Wimbledon Ballot - Final Reminder

The opportunity to opt in to the 2020 Wimbledon Ticket Ballot closes in a week. Last year about 300 of us had opted in. Last week it was 160 and it is now at 212. Hence, some of you are likely to be disappointed unless you act quickly. To participate you need British Tennis membership (free if you affiliate to Brondesbury, in the LTA's Middlesex region) and opt in each year. It can all be done online via the LTA's website but just as easily by phone (020 8487 7000).

Wimbledon Ballot 2020 - Opt In Now

If you have yet to opt into 2020 Wimbledon Ticket Ballot, please do so now as the window for doing so will close in a couple of weeks time. Moreover, the number of members opted in affects the number of pairs of tickets the club is allocated, so even if you have no wish to win a pair of tickets please can you still opt in. To do so you need to be a member of the LTA's British Tennis programme.  You can join here, for free, providing you affiliate to Brondesbury, which is in the LTA's Middlesex region. You can then opt in. However, it's probably easier to do it all on the phone (020 8487 7000) which will also enable you to opt in for other family members. 

Last year about 300 of us had opted in by the cut-off date. Currently only 160 of us have done so. 

Wimbledon Ballot 2020

If you haven't yet registered with the LTA to enable you to participate in this year's Wimbledon Ticket ballot, now's the time to do so before it's too late. You have to be a member of British Tennis (it's free, once you are affiliated to Brondesbury, the LTA's Middlesex region) and can be effected online or by calling the LTA on 020 8487 7000. You need to opt in annually so that has to be done also.  

Fabulous Quiz Evening

Matt Bamford created, in his inimatble style, another fabulous quiz evening. Questions were asked such as 'Name four-letter African countries' and 'How many halluxes do we have?' The pictures below show how much fun people had. 



There are just a few places left for Saturday’s Christmas Quiz. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a team - we’ll find you one. Come along and eat, think and be merry.

Celebrations begin at 6.30pm. Bring a pen and an open mind.


Don’t forget that festivities begin at 6.30pm this coming Saturday.

Quiz rounds include:
• Guess the height of Janna’s toss-up
• What’s My Line Call?
• Which coach said this?
• The Glorious Revolution of 1688

Buffet Supper (£10) includes:
• Around 6500 calories
• Traditional & vegetarian fare
• Cheese & desserts

As usual, prizes will be awarded for performances during the summer league season; most sporting junior; winning quiz team and best team name.

** Can your quiz team beat the coaches? They think not. With a combined IQ of 15, they are a threatening bunch - come along and knock them off their precarious perch **

Xmas Quiz - Email Matt!

Matt Bamford is organising the Christmas Quiz on Saturday Dec7th, from 6:30pm.He has yet to hear from anybody that they plan to attend  His order to the caterer depends on your emails. Hence, if you turn up without advising him in advance, the food might run out!

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