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New Lights Weekend Cut-Off

The new floodlights on the block of three courts will cut off automatically at 8:30PM on Saturday and Sunday evenings. This is accord with the terms of the planning permission. 

Old Balls Disposal

We have a facility for storing unwanted balls. It's a 'recyclaball' bin to the left of the gate of the block of four courts. Please don't dispose of old balls in the regular bins.

Floodlights Operational

The new floodlights on the block of three courts are now in operation. The control box is on the wall facing the courts near the noticeboard.This will significantly increase our opportunity for play over the winter, particularly midweek. Till now, at most two floodlit courts were available for general play and none when winter league matches were played (the other two were for coaching). From now, at least three courts will be normally available, and at least two when winter league matches are played. 

To celebrate this new facility, we'll be holding an event on the late afternoon and early evening of Sunday, Nov 13. More details will be provided nearer the time.

Floodlights Update

As you may have noticed, all the floodlighting poles on the block of three are now installed and wired up. All that remains is to install the lamps themselves, repair the carpet around the poles on the court, and install the control box in the pavilion. This work is planned for Wednesday this week and will likely interfere with play. As the coaching programme is in full swing, please have patience if your play is affected. 

Floodlights Status

Unfortunately, for reasons I won't bore you with, while all the floodlighting poles have been installed outside the courts, the two needed inside the courts have yet to be installed. We had hoped that this would happen this past week. It's likely that usage of the block of three will be inhibited for a while next week while these poles are installed. Given that the coaching team returns then, general play will clearly be affected.

New Applicant Emails

A number of new applicants to the club have not received their joining emails. This is curious as I am copied on them and have received them. Could all new applicants please let me know whether or not this email has been received.

Floodlights Installation

The installation of floodlights on the block of three courts begins next week after the bank holiday. These courts will be unavailable for play that week while the supplier installs the two columns that will sit within the block. As all the other columns will be fixed outside the block it should be possible for play to continue the following week. As the coaching team are away next week the block of four will be available for general play. 

The installation should be complete after four weeks.

Congratulations Alex

Dear Tennis Members and heartbroken ladies,

Alex Dillon, our longest-serving coach, is finally getting married.

Over the years, Alex has helped us survive many tricky problems and was at the forefront of our transition from a tea-drinking club to a tennis-playing outfit.

With his deceptively relaxed manner, on and off court, it would be easy to forget what a brilliant player and coach he is.

We, the Brondesbury ‘family’ owe Alex a considerable slice of love and thanks, so if you happen to see him before the big day (Tuesday 23rd August) please join me in wishing him and Nicolett every possible happiness for their future together.

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