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Lockdown Rebate

Some time ago, I committed that a credit for the period of the lockdown would be available. I can now announce that this credit will be 15% of the annual subscription payment made on renewal in the past weeks. It essentially reflects the period from March 23rd until May 16th, when the club reopened for restricted play. The credit, when applied, will take effect on renewal in 2021.

As you might well expect, the club's finances, like many leisure businesses, have been significantly affected, and the club is closed to new members, who would normally bring in 20% of subscriotions. Hence we will be applying this credit only upon request and hope that many of you will choose not to do so.

Back to Mix-In Play Planned

Brondesbury has never previously enabled court booking and, as a result, it has enabled a culture of inclusion, allowing many members just to turn up and get a game, especially at the weekends. This correspondingly discourages cliques and enables players of different playing levels to get to know each other and assist in members growing their playing skills. We wish to return to this culture as soon as safely possible.

To that end, we are planning for no courts to be booked on Sunday, June 14th. People who wish to play can just turn up and follow all the old rules. This means that if people are waiting for a court, play must cease at the end of a set and the court vacated to allow those waiting to play. If people are playing singles while others are waiting for a court they should invite two people waiting to join them. 

Social distancing should be maintained by those waiting for a court. Given the extensive area between the two blocks of courts, this should not prove difficult.

If this test 'return to normal' works we will plan for all subsequent weekends to follow this pattern. However, should too many people cause a large crowd to form, we will have to reconsider. However, from past experience of sunny weekends in prior years, we are not expecting this. 

Back To Doubles

Following updated LTA guidelines, issued over the weekend, the club will now allow doubles to be played. Please read the guidance for players as it has updated various items. For example, the guidance regarding servers only using their own balls has been relaxed a tad, but this can only be applied if you don't touch your face while on court and wash or sanitise your hands immediately after play. The rules of social distancing still apply while on court. Pairs should change ends on opposite sides of the net and keep 2m apart during play. 

The court booking system remains in place but please limit yourself to arranging and playing a doubles game to two adjacent slots. All the existing rules regarding leaving the court 10 min before the end of the slot time to avoid interaction with those playing in the following slot.  

Current Guests Policy

Under our current policy of restricted play we are not permitting guests on court, even if they are family members of those playing. The overwhelming majority of our members are abiding by this. But, unfortunately, there are some who are not. Thus in all cases, you must ensure that those on court are members. Current members should thus amend their memberships to include other family members with whom they wish to play. Please don't put those of us contributing to running this wonderful club in the position of having to keep enforcing this policy when we see it's not being observed.

Court Booking Update

Some of you have been having difficulties with the ClubSpark booking system. Marina has done all she can and now must devote her time to coaching. You can call ClubSpark on 020 8247 3857 or, better, email them on And as the weekends are clearly more in demand please only book one slot per weekend day.

The coaching courts are not yet in full use as the coaches are still getting back on their feet. We will be keeping the usage of coaching courts under review and will consider making slots on the block of three available for booking once Marina is satisfied it won't negatively affect her and her team.

Court Update

In yesterday's email the booking link was specified incorrectly. It should be

I had mistakenly assumed that case didn't matter.

Can I please remind you of key rules that I believe are not being followed by everyone:

  • Bring your own, marked, balls and only touch those ones. Return your opponent's balls with just your racket.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands both before and at the end of play.
  • Please end your slot at 20min past the hour and leave in good time to avoid interaction with the players for the next slot


Court Booking and Play

Today is our first day back on court under our rules of restricted play. So far somewhat over half of those sent a link to the ClubSpark court booking system have booked a court. Some might still be having difficulty. The most common problem is trying to book immediately after registering. It is best to logout after initial registration and go to At the time of writing, there are still many free slots, especially at 07:30!. There is also a ClubSpark Booker app you can download.

Regarding play, please arrive promptly, but not early, to enter court exactly at the start time. Please finish up at 10 minutes to the finishing time to avoid interaction with those playing in the next slot. Players using courts 6 & 7 must access them via the side gate, which will be unlocked. 

Please ensure you bring with you hand sanitiser or handwash to use before and afterwards. Please don't close the gates. Leave them ajar. We are providing weighted cones to use as doorstops to enable this. Please bring your own, marked, balls and every player should only touch his or her own balls. Either stay at the same end throughout or change ends on opposite sides of the net, taking care to keep the 2m distance from those on the adjacent court.

Let's all enjoy our return to play after such a long and enforced prohibition. 

Court Booking

Over this current period of restricted play, you should only be at the club if you have a confirmed court booking through the LTA's ClubSpark system. We will be permitting:

  • Three court bookings per week per membership/household
  • Bookings will be one hour in length, but please only play for 50 mins of your allocated time as we must allow a buffer time between bookings.
  • A maximum of one booking session at a time.
  • Bookings can be made seven days in advance.
  • The 7-day limit is a rolling one, so every day one more day will be potentially bookable.

We will be monitoring usage of the system and the courts to ensure all members have adequate access to play. You should thus expect these rules to be tweaked from time to time.

ClubSpark - Court Booking system

There will be one login per membership. You will receive an email invitation from Brondebsury Sports Club on Friday morning, providing your membership subscription has been received. Click on the link in the email, which will take you to the ClubSpark website. Sign in using your LTA (BTM number) or set up a ClubSpark account. Go to the Bookings page and book your slots there. Court bookings will be open from 9am on Friday 15th May

Please note – you will not have access to the booking page until this becomes live on Friday 15th May.

If you find you're unable to make the booking you must cancel it so another member can take advantage of that slot. We must avoid 'no shows'.  

Club rules

  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing rule at all times.
  • No guests allowed – including individuals from your household that aren’t members.
  • Please wash your hands (outside tap) or use hand sanitiser before entering the court. Please remember to bring your own towel or kitchen paper with which to dry your hands.
  • Please bring tissues with you to deal with coughs and sneezes.
  • Only come to the club if you have a confirmed court booking and leave immediately once your session has finished.
  • There will be no toilet facilities available on site.
  • Max 2 people per court (unless players are all from the same household)
  • Members should bring their own equipment.
  • Ensure all equipment is removed from the court at the end of the session.
  • Net winders will be removed.
  • Avoid changing ends or change at opposite sides of the net – taking into account the other courts.

Tennis Coaching (Courts 1-3 Monday-Sunday)

The coaching team will be resuming individual lessons only. Coaches will arrange the court booking.
If you have regular lessons, that you would like to resume, please contact your coach directly. However if you are keen in enquiring about tennis lessons over this period please contact Head Coach –
Coaches are keen to facilitate as many individual lessons as possible, but please be patient whilst they respond to you as much of their time will now be spent on court.
Coaching slots will be for this period only; no guarantee moving forwards.
Once a lesson is confirmed you will receive a set of guidance specific to coaching, please ensure you read these.

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