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Marina's new arrival

Dear All,
As many of you will know, our dedicated Head Coach Marina and her partner welcomed a baby into the world last week. They are back home and doing well.
Many members have said they'd like to send their well wishes and asked if I would organise yet another collection - so my apologies but here I am again!
If you'd like to contribute to a big Brondesbury Welcome to Marina and Rach's new arrival, you can do so here:
We will aim to buy a small gift for them (ideas welcome!!) and give them the remaining funds so they can buy what they need.
We will do this in early January, so if you want to contribute please do so by 8th Jan when we might see Marina back on court.
And thank you SO much to everyone who has contributed to the other pots this year - both Angus and Eliot were so blown away by your generosity. We were able to fund Eliot's first year of club membership with plenty to spare, he was delighted!
Have a wonderful Christmas.

School Court Usage

St Anthony's School boys will be using courts 6 & 7 for hockey sessions next week as follows:

  • Monday 11:15-12:15 and 2:15-3:15
  • Wednesday 2:15-3:15
  • Thursday 2:15-3:15

Coaching will probably take the other two courts but the block of 3 will be available for general play.

Leaving drinks for Eliot

Hello everyone,

We are going to be having some leaving drinks for Eliot at 8pm at The Black Lion in West Hampstead (NOT The Black Lion on Kilburn High Road!) next Monday 11th December from 8pm. 
We will take this opportunity to present him with his t-shirt and the kind donations from the members - thank you so much to everyone who has already donated, you've all been so generous, we have collected a fantastic amount.
If anyone still wishes to donate, you can do so via the link below. And don't forget to sign the t-shirt or send me a message to write on it!
Hope to see you next Monday 🥳
Laura Williams

Eliot is moving on

Hi everyone,

We hope that you'll all join in our excitement for Eliot in his new role as a PE teacher starting in January, despite sadness at him moving on from Brondesbury. For the last 5+ years Eliot has been fully devoted to teaching our children (and our grown ups!) the right and wrongs on court, and he has done so with kindness, patience, humour, generosity of course the Brondesbury spirit. He has been an incredible addition to the coaching team and we wish him so well - and hope to see him playing on court in future! 
Given the proximity to Christmas, organising a leaving event just hasn't been possible but we thought a(nother!) collection would be a kind gesture for over half a decade of hard work. If you would like to contribute any amount at all, big or small, I’ve set up a Collectiv pot (you can click here or use the link below) which charges no fee if you do not 'tip'. You don't need to download any apps, you can just pay directly. I will close the link on Monday 4th December.


There is a Brondesbury T-shirt to sign as a memento for him, kept at the club in a bag in the wooden bowl on top of the fridge with some fabric markers. If you want to write a SHORT message when you donate, I can write it on the t-shirt for you if that's easier.


If you have any questions or problems with the link please drop me a What’s App message - 07956 603 936


Please please do forward the link to any members you are in regular contact with who you think might like to contribute.

Thank you so much,
Laura Williams

Court Maintenance

On Wednesday the court surfaces will be power-brushed - the back two between 9:30-11 the nearest two between 11-12:30 and the block of 3 between 12:30-2:30. Hopefully general play will not be too much affected, but please be patient if you have to wait for a court and always follow the court-usage rules. 



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