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2018 Club Tournament

Sign-up sheets for the summer tournament are pinned up on the noticeboard in the tennis pavilion.  The closing date for signing up is Sunday 8th April.  No late entries will be allowed.

The tournament is open to all club members.  First-round losers will be automatically entered into a plate competition, unless they notify the organisers.

As last year, in addition to women's and men's singles and doubles, and a mixed doubles, there will also be an over-70s unisex doubles.

Finals Day is on 24th June.

Monthly Tournament - Sunday

The monthly tournament, delayed by last week's snow, will be on Sunday at 2pm. Just turn up.

Wimbledon Ballot 2018 - Opt In

The closing date for opting in to this year's ballot is rapidly approaching. So far 233 of us have opted in, which is required if you wish to participate in it.  Last year around 300 of us opted in and the more that do the greater the number of tickets we are allocated. The LTA have, however, raised the age threshold for children's participation to 11. Just call the LTA on 020 8487 7000 or login. If you are not yet a British Tennis member you can do that online (affiliate to Brondesbury).

2018 Wimbledon Ballot - Opt In, now!

To participate in the club's 2018 Wimbledon Ticket Ballot you (and any of your tennis-playing family members aged 9 or over) need to have opted in via the LTA to the club's ballot. The closing date for doing so is mid-Feb. Last year roughly 300 of us had opted in by the closing date. So far, we have yet to reach a figure of 200. The number of pairs of tickets we are allocated is affected by the numbers opted in. So, even if you have no intention to participate, and have not yet opted in can you please now do so. Either login to the LTA website or call 020 8487 7000. If you are not yet a British Tennis member you can join (it's free), but you must affiliate to Brondesbury. 

2018 Wimbledon Ballot - Opt In

So far, 178 of us have opted into the 2018 Wimbledon Ballot. Last year, about 300 had opted in by the cut-off date in February. The more of us opted in, the greater the number of tickets to ballot. If you have not yet opted in, please can you do so now. Either login to the LTA site and opt in there or call them on 020 8487 7000. If you are not yet a British Tennis member you can join online or by phone, but remember to affiliate to Brondesbury.

Slippery Courts

Take care on the courts as a few people have slipped on them. We are taking professional advice and might in due course decide to replace the astroturf, despite showing no signs of wear. However, we will only be able to do that in the summer, so, in the meantime, please take care.

Sports Day & Quiz

The club (Matt Bamford really) ran a Sports Day event some weeks ago in order to raise funds for our local Samaritans. The video of it was shown at the recent quiz evening. Click here to view it. 

The quiz evening, on Sat Dec 8th, was a great success. Below you can see Joe Bamford doing a hand-stand on a chair while reciting his 3-times table. Several younger members of the club also performed this trick.


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