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Caitlin Amdor wins National Tournament

Caitlin with Marina

 Huge congratulations to Caitlin, who won her first national tournament this past weekend. The U10 national event (for girls 10 and under) took place in Glasgow where she travelled together with Marina, who provided coaching support throughout the weekend.

Well done, Caitlin! U10 Scottish Junior Open champion 2018!

Tournament Tomorrow

The monthly tournament will be run tomorrow, Sunday, July 1st, at 2pm. Just turn up.

Tree Pruning

The willow tree next to court 4 will be attended by a tree surgeon next Monday morning, July 2nd, between 10-12.  This might affect play.

Extra Finals Result

I mistakenly omitted in the last newsletter to include the Plate Men's Doubles result, which was extremely hard fought. There's no picture (the reason I missed it).

Chris Williams & Greg Brenman def Edgar Craven & Robert Lastman
7-6 6-7 6-1

2018 Finals Day Results

Coaches Match Men's Singles

Angus & Marina vs Alex & Joe 

Result withheld

Peter Le-Neve Foster (right) def George Miller 6-2 6-3
Ladies Singles Men's Doubles
Louise Fitzpatrick (right) def Margie Edge
6-3 6-1
Peter Le-Neve Foster & Jamie Goldstein def  Matthew Hughes George Miller 
6-3 4-6 6-4
 Ladies Doubles  Mixed Doubles
Margie Edge Jane Oxford-Whitefield def Nicola Hands & Sarah Barker
6-1 6-3
Matt Bamford & Margie Edge def Caitlin Amdor & Peter Le-Neve Foster 
6-7 6-1 6-4
 Plate Men's Singles  Plate Mixed Doubles
Marc Terry def Dave Smyth
6-1 6-4
Chris Williams & Kris Dockx (right) def Martin  & Jana Bartek
6-4 6-1

Many thanks are due to Phillip Wolmuth and Dave Smyth who organized the whole tournament, and to Jane Whitefield and Rachel Frazer for organizing the refreshments.


Tuesday 26th June - Court availability

Next Tuesday, June 26th, is St. Anthony's School sports day and they will be using the two back tennis courts (numbers 6 and 7) from 10 - 10: 30. The coaching team will be using courts 4 and 5 as usual most of the morning. So this is just to warn you that from 10-10.30am, courts 1, 2 and 3 only will be available to members.

Have Fun on Finals Day

Please come along and enjoy the fun and high quality tennis on Sunday, club tournament finals day.  Food will be available in the pavilion and you can watch Queens tennis and England football on the pavilion TV and in the main clubhouse, where the bar will be open.

Match schedule

Time Court Event
09:00-11:45 1-5 Social play
09:00-1pm 6 & 7 Coaching
12:00 4 Coaches exhibition
12:00 5 Plate: Men's Doubles Final
1pm 1 Men's Singles Final
1pm 3 Ladies Singles Final
2pm 4 Plate: Men's Singles Final
3pm 1 Ladies Doubles Final
3pm 3 Men's Doubles Final
4:30pm 4 Plate: Mixed Doubles Final
5pm Mixed Doubles Final
12-6pm 2 Unavailable

Finals Day on Sunday

The club tournament finals will all be held this Sunday, June 24th. Refreshments will be available. Please come along and enjoy the day. The schedule is as follows:

9.00am – 11.45am

Social Play                                                Courts 1 – 5

9.00am – 1.00pm

Coaching                                                   Courts 6 & 7


Coaches Exhibition                                 Court 4

Plate – Men’s Doubles                            Court 5


Mens Singles Final                                   Court 1

Ladies Singles Final                                 Court 3


Plate – Mens Singles Final                     Court 4


Ladies Doubles Final                               Court 1

Mens Doubles Final                                 Court 3


Plate - Mixed Doubles Final                  Court 4


Mixed Doubles Final                                Court 1

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