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2021 Tennis Tournaments

And we are off!!

This year’s tournaments have started and conclude on Finals Day, Sunday 4th July. Thank you to everyone who has signed up using the new system.

To refresh everyone about the rules:

  • Matches are best of 3 tiebreak sets

  • Tournament matches do not get priority in terms of courts, but please allow players to finish a tournament match if they have started

There will be a Plate for those knocked out in the first round of the Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles

We know that some people have been finding it hard to use Playwaze but please read the instructions below and if you have problems please email us at

All the draws are now live. You can see who your opponents are by logging into

  • The dates that each round has to be played by are shown in each of the tournament draws

  • If you are using the app on your phone then scroll down to the bottom of your homepage and click on ‘Go to Community’

  • You can contact your opponent to set up the match by finding their phone number on the ‘Members’ page.

  • Please provide your phone number on ‘My Details’ in your account (click on your name – top right of the screen if you are on a laptop)

If you are using the app on your phone, click on Profile.

Then click on settings (gearwheel) to add your phone number and save it

  • Please note that only people in your tournament get access to your contact details (so it is safe to add your phone number here)

  • To find your opponent’s phone details then click on ‘Members’ and search by name

On the app, please scroll down to the bottom of the home page and click on ‘Go to Community’

Then click on ‘Members’

  • Please update the final score on Playwaze

  • You can use the Playwaze app on your phone for this if you find this more convenient

Please Close the Side Gate

Our groundsman has found the side gate to the Menelik Road path open on many recent mornings. As and when you leave via that gate please ensure it's closed and locked.

Tournament Draw

Just to remind everyone that the draw for the tournaments will be done this Sunday 9 May. Please ensure that you have signed up this week if you wish to enter, and selected your partner if it is doubles. And for those of you that are teetering on the edge of signing up for the Memorial Over 65’s, push yourself and become one of the winning pair who lift that trophy in its inaugural year!

Tournament Update

For those of you who want to sign up to doubles tournaments,  we are pleased to say that the issue with ‘Invite a Partner’ on the Playwaze system has been fixed. So please go ahead with that route if you wish to do so. 
Could we also remind you to add your phone number to your contact details on the system so that you can be contacted by opponents as you progress through the tournaments.
In the last newsletter we mistakenly stated that finals day will be on Saturday, July 4. It will, of course, be on the Sunday.

2021 Tennis Tournaments

This year the Brondesbury Tennis tournaments will start on Monday 10th May and conclude on Finals Day, Saturday 4th July. The draw for each tournament will be on Sunday 9th May so please sign up quickly.

We will be running the tournaments from a system called ‘Playwaze’. It’s very simple to use and should be an improvement to ‘pen and paper’ on the pavilion wall.

You can access the system through your browser.

If you want to enter any of this year’s tournaments then this is what you need to do:

  • Follow this link

  • Please remember to add your phone number at this stage so that other members can contact you. The contact details of all players will be printed out and listed on the pavilion notice board.

  • Once you have registered it will take you to the Brondesbury Community area within Playwaze where you will see the tournaments listed

  • Click on the tournament you want to enter

  • Then click ‘Sign-up’

  • If it is a doubles tournament then there is a ‘select your partner’ button. However, there have been problems with this route to specifying a partner so we suggest you do not use it

  • Instead, please contact your partner to encourage them to create an account and sign-up for the tournament if they have not done so

  • the draw for the tournaments will take place on Sunday 9th May and you will then be able to see who you play in the first round

  • Once the tournament has started then view the tournament to see who you have been drawn against and update your scores for each game once concluded

Calling all over 65’s

As you will have seen in our newsletter, we are running a special tournament for the over 65s this year – The Memorial Over 65s, in honour of Philip Wolmuth. It will be a doubles tournament, with the final held as the showpiece event on Sunday 4th July at midday. Pairings can be female, male, or mixed.

Calling All Over 65s!

Dear slightly older, yet sprightly, Brondesbury tennis players, please don’t ignore forthcoming Newsletter items about the Club Tournament. This year, in honour of Philip Wolmuth, you will have a chance to become embroiled in your very own lobbing scandal.

Entries will open very soon.

It will be a doubles tournament, with the final held as the showpiece event on Sunday 4th July at midday. Other events are being planned to commemorate Philip, but please join us for this festival of double-faulting and joint replacements. Pairings can be female, male, or mixed, with seedings and handicaps entirely dependent on the money sent to my ‘apartment refurbishing’ account.

Think of it as a Breakaway Super League, but one that celebrates camaraderie, sportsmanship and a life well-lived. Your tax code will be unaffected.

Look out for the entry date, and I’ll look out for you on court.

Best wishes,

Matt Bamford

Car Park Closure

The club car park will be closed during work on the cricket nets on Monday, April 26. It should be available from 3pm. Please don't park in the space for the schools coacch in the driveway.

Match Season Approaches

Both junior and adult matches will be starting soon. The junior matches will take place on the weekends, the first on this coming Saturday. Adult matches will be on weekday evenings. All matches will be recorded in the website calendar, which you can therefore view to learn which days/times potentially to avoid.

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