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Tennis Renewals

Many of you have yet to renew your membership, required by April 1st. I can understand that with the current closure of the club you are wondering whether or not you should do so. 

Please go ahead and renew and pay the full amount. The club is a classified leisure company and thus able to benefit from both the waiving of business rates and eligible to claim for a grant. Our treasurer, Martyn Webb, is focused on this. Our plan, therefore, is to apply a pro rata credit to your account once we are able to open the club for play again and we thus know how long the closure was for. Martyn will then be able to claim from the local government the total value of all the pro rata credit. So please renew as normal.

Regarding the Wimbledon Ticket ballot, we will conduct this as planned in mid-April, but without, obviously, a club meeting. As usual, only those whose membership for the new season has been paid will be included. Of course, Wimbledon might not go ahead and, even if it does, it might do so with empty show courts. On the other hand, events are moving so fast that a staggered release of the lockdown might happen at the end of this three-week period.  Who knows? I am alive to the possibility, also, that the Wimbledon Tournament may well be cancelled soon anyway, in which case even a closed ballot won't happen. 

Middlesex Tennis has just cancelled this season's Summer League. Also, the annual club tournament will not be going ahead. We will keep in mind the possibility of holding it later in the year. 

Keep well and keep active. In the meantime, enjoy this

Urgent: Club Virus Discipline


It's clear that not all of us are abiding by the social distancing rules on court. It has been observed that people have gathered on the benches while changing ends or at the end of a set. THIS MUST NOT HAPPEN! The 2m rule must be observed at all times. This means changing ends at opposite sides of the court while keeping at least 2m from your partner. It might make sense to take a drink only at the end of a set. And remember to wash your hands before and after play! I have also arranged for the benches to be removed.

A number of club members have already been infected and are self-isolating. If we are to keep the club open to play we have to abide strictly by these conditions, including the new ones just announced regarding those with specified underlying health conditions.  

I am thus now announcing further restrictions on use of the club:

  • You must limit your time at the club to at most two sets or 1 hour play - this is also to prevent men from having to urinate in the bushes, which has been observed! Please go straight home after play and do not leave together with others. 
  • Guests will no longer be allowed to play - I have already disabled the 'Apply To Join' menu item so new members cannot join.

  • If you have the symptoms and have recently played please let me know and tell me whom you've played with so I can warn them. Please note that today I've read that loss of smell and taste are also symptoms. 

This virus is highly infectious. All the intensive care beds at the Royal Free are full.

  **If these rules are not observed strictly, we will be forced to close the club completely.**

Don't be the one to cause that to happen!

Message from Prof Stephen Brecker

I wanted to send you an open letter to be passed onto all members of the community, with a request that they send this to as many people as possible.  I am writing as a doctor in a front line hospital battling the greatest challenge in the history of modern healthcare.I am writing on behalf of my colleagues in the Emergency Department and Intensive Care Units of hospitals nationwide. Many hospitals are just days away from being overwhelmed.  We are pleading with everyone at risk to isolate at home, and everyone else to keep as far distance as possible from others if they are not able to isolate.  We have got to break the chain of transmission.  By taking this responsibility, every person who does this will be responsible for saving lives.  The patients dying today got infected two weeks ago or more.  By taking a decision to isolate today and to distance yourself from today, you will be saving lives which will otherwise be lost in two weeks.  Please do this today, without any further delay. You may think the majority of the population are heeding Government advice - but the truth is that many are not and lives are going to be lost as a consequence.Doctors, Nurses and all health professional will stay at work but we need you to stay at home.Thank you.Professor Stephen J.D. Brecker MD FRCP FESC FACCChief of Cardiology Cardiology Clinical Academic GroupSt. George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustSt. George's, University of LondonTelephone +44-(0)20-8725-3556 St John's Wood Synagogue37-41 Grove End RoadLondon, NW8 9NGTel: 020 7286 3838Email:


Pavilion Locked

Following updated advice from the LTA, we have had to close the pavilion for members.  Please bring your own soap and towel so you can wash your hands at the tap outside the block of four courts before and after playing. Also don't forget to keep the 2m social distance both on court and travelling to/from the club.

Coronavirus - Update

As many of you may have already learned, the LTA has issued its coronavirus advice to clubs and has reaffirmed here that play can continue, indeed is encouraged by the government, subject to the general guidance we have been given regarding the 2m social distance rule and the general good practice set out in the Club newsletter from Richard Abramson. As you can read in the LTA advice, it suggests using new balls, and washing hands before and afterwards. As Richard advised, please don't socialise in the pavilion, although it can be used to access the toilets. 

The Parent/Child tournament will now not happen and ithe Wimbledon Ballot, scheduled for mid-April, will take place but without members in attendance. Let's hope that the Wimbledon tournament itself is not cancelled as the clay court season has.

Coaching Courts Update

Because of the limitations of the coronavirus on group coaching, the club has decided to alter, temporarily, the courts allocated to the coaching team. From now on, the coaching team will have use of the full block of three courts during the weekdays daytime, while retaining the use of two floodlit courts as needed by lighting-up time. The weekends will remain the same, with the back two floodlit courts devoted to coaching. This will enable the team to do more individual coaching. 

Tennis Leaders Course

As you will have seen from Marina's latest coaching newsletter, the club is running a course for tennis leaders next Saturday. This will be from 1pm onwards until 6pm. This will mean one fewer court will be available for general play. Many of our younger members have benefited from assisting the coaching team over past years and gain a great deal from it. This course allows the club to develop such skills.

Sad News

We are sorry to inform you that one of our members,  Heather Noelle Roberts,  passed away on 9th March.

Heather was  a member for Brondesbury for many years, and played with the Ladies 4th and 5th team. Ash was always cheerful and positive – even when her family faced many adversities.

Last year she suddenly announced she wouldn’t be at team practices because she had developed pancreatic and liver cancer. Although she  initially responded well to treatment, and did come back to the club, sadly this didn’t last.

The ladies who played with her will miss her constant optimism.

The link here  gives information about the funeral arrangements. The family is asking for donations to the North London Hospice (rather than flowers) should you wish to remember Heather in some way. And you can donate directly from within the link.

Safeguarding Survey

The LTA is evaluating the effectiveness of the club's safeguarding measures and your views and observations are vitally important to us achieving this.
Please spend 5 mins completing this questionnaire as we would like to understand more about your feedback to our safeguarding policies. It will probably be helpful if you referred to the most recent newsletter.


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