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Tennis Restart: Mar 29

Following the government announcements on the loosening of lockdown restrictions, the plan is that tennis will resume at the club on Monday, Mar 29th. Singles and doubles will be allowed, subject only to the continuing general guidance on social distancing.

Junior Easter Camps will also start on the 29th, between the times of 09:00 and 15:00, using the block of four courts. The schedule for the camps is as follows:

  1. Mar 29 (Mon) – Apr 1 (Thurs) (4 days)

  2. Apr 6 (Tue) – Apr 9 (Fri) (4 days)

  3. Apr 12 (Mon) – Apr 16 (Fri) (5 days)


Upon resumption, usual court usage agreements will be in place.This will allow the coaching team to have use of three courts till 6.30pm, when they will then have use of two courts. This is to enable them to begin to recoup some of the revenues lost during the latest lockdowns. Thus, at all times when the camps are not active, general play will have the use of four courts, restricted in term time to two courts for the short periods when two are in use by schools. 

The club is offering to those who request it a rebate on membership renewal for the last two periods of lockdown, which is in total a period of roughly 16 weeks. If you email me requesting this rebate, I will aim to apply it in time for membership renewal. Renewal notice emails will be sent by mid-March. To take advantage of the credit on renewal, then follow the instructions in the renewal email.

In making your decision as to whether to apply for the rebate, the tennis committee would like to point out that substantial club funds have been deployed in recent years to improve tennis facilities. The latest examples have been the building of the toilet facilities at the pavilion in 2019 and, last year, the total resurfacing of the block of three courts. Furthermore, as and when we obtain planning permission, which was applied for in recent weeks, we will install floodlights on the block of three courts, thus enabling a full year-round seven-court playing capacity, especially beneficial for those wishing to play on winter midweek evenings.

Sad News

  Philip Wolmuth 1950 - 2021
Dear Brondesbury Family,
It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of our friend, Philip Wolmuth. Loved throughout the club for his kindness, good humour and the infinite ways in which he could lose a set from a winning position; Philip was also known away from the court for his brilliant photography and how he used this skill to campaign for social justice.
Just as his modesty enabled him to wear his high intellect lightly, his gentle courage in the face of a vigorous cancer went largely unnoticed. During a social doubles last summer, I asked him why he, as a famously uncool person, was wearing a baseball cap - with a smile he revealed the lengthy scar of recent brain surgery, and then reassured me that he was still a long way from cool. “Which side of the court would you prefer to play on?” I asked. “You worry about the tennis and I’ll look after the excuses” came the familiar response.
And so we have lost a pillar of our community, a man who many of us bonded with over tennis, tea and cake on sunny afternoons. The competition was secondary, the camaraderie paramount. For his close friends, weekends will never be quite the same without Philip double-faulting endlessly as the sun sets. For those of you that knew him less well, let his legacy be that decency and kindness cost nothing, but yield priceless dividends. 
Yours with sincere sympathy and best wishes,
Matt Bamford 

Dec 25 & 26

Please note that on Christmas and Boxing Day the tennis pavilion will be closed and locked and hence no toilet facilities will be available (the main clubhouse is already closed). You are still free to play on those days as the club gates will be open.

No Guests

Given the limitation for most of us to singles play and the consequent pressure on courts, we will not be allowing guests during this tier 4 period of playing restrictions.

Tier 4 Tennis Guidance

The LTA has updated its guidance for the current Tier 4 period here. Essentially it says that only singles is possible between people from different households. Doubles can be played by people from one household. 

Group coaching for under 18s will continue, as well as individual lessons for everyone.

We are not organising court booking and will rely on members to abide by the rules.

Brondesbury Ladder

Dear Doubles Specialists,
I wasn’t sure if I was going to be allowed to run the Ladder after the last lockdown. In fact, I assumed that the government might put it out to tender; but handily, as an Old Etonian, I’ve been awarded the contract once again. “But what is your expertise?” I hear you ask. Well ... I did once ladder my stockings at after-school Transvestites Club. 
£12 million should get us through the winter. 
spreadsheet Here’s (18 KB) the updated list - have as merry a Christmas as you can under the circumstances, and please keep safe and well.
With best wishes,

No Cycling on the Pitch

Please don't cycle on the cricket pitch through the winter. It's far too wet and cycling just ruins it for the boys of St Anthony's School who play sport on it. So either walk the bike over the pitch if you enter via the side gate or cycle round to the main entrance.

Return to play

It's excellent news that following the recent government announcement we will be reopening the club for tennis on Wednesday, Dec 2nd, in exactly the way we left it a few weeks ago. The formal LTA announcement can be read here.  We were unsure as to exactly what time the lockdown ended as the anouncement initially just stated the date. It has since been updated to add the time on Dec 2 as 00:01, one minute past midnight. 

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