Car Parking today is OK and current works

Just to say that, although the work on the cricket nets is continuing, there will not be large vehicles going in and out today after all - so you can park after all.

There is a lot of earth at the back of the grounds which is being moved next to tennis court no. 1. This will be compacted down and then grassed over. Currently it is an eyesore and a bit of a shock to see, but we promise it will get better.


After an amazing few weeks of good weather, let's hope it continues into the Autumn.

The cricket section, in conjunction with Primrose Hill Cricket Club is doing a lot of redevelopment work this Autumn. They will be putting in new practice nets at the back of the cricket pitch this week, and work commences on Wednesday 7th September.

From Wednesday to Friday there will be very large lorries delivering equipemt, and we apologise, but there is NO PARKING AVAILABLE on these days in the drive or car park areas between the hours of 7am and 4pm.

There is parking on Harman Drive, Harman Close, Farm Avenue and Hocroft Avenue, but there are restrictions between 10-11am and 2-3pm in different parts of the roads. There are signs that clearly show this. The Farm Avenue end of Harman Drive is 2-3pm restrictions, as is some of Hocroft Avenue. Other areas are all restricted 10-11am. The yellow lines follow the same restrictions.

Owing to this work, there will be no schools on the grounds this week, and coaching has not yet restarted, so all the tennis courts will be available for use. We will let you know of the new schools times before their sessions restart next week.

Junior Summer Camps

Just to remind all you post-Wimbledon keen tennis players that the kids summer camps have started. This means that 4 courts will be in use from Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. From 9am - 4pm and from 3pm - 4pm there will be 2 courts in use, and there may be the usual coaching program on 2 courts after that. 

Normal service resumes on 22nd August. The schools return on September 7th, but they will have less usage of the courts in the next academic year - more on this nearer the time.

Don't forget that on some evenings there are still league matches until the end of July which occupies 3 courts. All the dates of these matches are on the Events Calendar.

 And please remember - the children are the future of our Club and of British tennis. 



Hereward House are making a 2nd attempt at their Sports Day this Friday afternoon, 1st July, from 1-5pm, having been rained off last week;  and St Agnes School will have their Sports Day next Wednesday afternoon  from 12:30pm.

These events may affect car parking as parents may attend the events. At the moment car parking in Harman Drive has been reduced by pavement replacement and road works. There is plenty of parking in other roads around the area.


Sunday is Primrose Hill Cricket Day



We do hope you have all kept Sunday 3rd July free for all the fun of the PHCC Cricket Fest - it all starts at 10am and will run through until around 2pm.
For further details, pdf please click here

There is tons for children of all ages to enjoy - mail Rachel Beagles at :   and let her know you are coming. 

Please let Rachel know if you can bring either a salad or a cake for around 10 people - or a veggie option if you prefer (ideally a quiche). Rachel will let know the preference when you confirm.

This is a special day for the whole club - please do make sure you come along.  
Bring the family! 


Great Grub 

We know all the mums (and/or dads) will do us proud with the food.  And the BBQ will be something to behold - meat and veg from all over the cricketing world:   Aussie Burgers, Indian Tandoori and even South African boerwors - the best sausage on the planet!  


Pitch Vision will be there!

We're delighted to tell you we've managed to secure Pitch Vision set to be at Bron throughout the day  - this magical contraption can analyse batting technique, assess bowling style and review your son or daughter's game.  And it has a speed gun too!

Get there early to put your child's name down for a time slot.


The Running Order

The day will run as follows: 

10.00            -   Ranjit's Warm Up
10.30            -   Family Superskills
12.00            -   Fry Cup Semis and Finals

                      -  Pitch Vision Sessions

1.00            -  BBQ Begins 
1.30 pm       -  Fastest Bowler Competition 
2.15 pm       -  Prize Giving 
2.30 pm      -  President XI v Chairman XI 
                         Alumni 20/20 match 

There will be lots of space for all young Primrose Hillers to play their own cricket games and enjoy a chance to run around.

Car parking

Car Parking

Our apologies to members coming by car; currently there are 2 piles of gravel in the car park taking up space and creating a hazard. This material has been delivered for use to replace one of the artificial cricket wickets shortly. Meanwhile it is in the way and an eyesore – we do know and it will be used as soon as possible.

The new company Brondesbury Sports Club

The new company Brondesbury Sports Club

Brondesbury is now a company limited by guarantee called Brondesbury Sports Club. This was agreed in principle at the last AGM and in detail at the EGM held in March. The Constitution has been replaced by the document Memo & Articles - amended 22-03-2016 document  and the  document Company Regulations - final version 22.03.2016  here.

There are a few important pieces of information which you should read, and these should be relayed to all adult members of your family (and juniors nearing their 18th birthday) if you are the household member receiving club newsletters for the whole family:-

  1. As before, all communication to members will be by email, unless you let us know otherwise.

  2. All paid up full adult or life members of the Company have voting rights, social members do not.  

  3. When a junior member in a family becomes 18, he/she will automatically become a voting member of the Company.  He/she will not receive individual notification of this.

  4. Should other members of your household unit wish to receive newsletters  separately, they should inform Edward Ben-Nathan who looks after our website, by email on explaining which newsletters they wish to receive – tennis, squash and/or Club.

One of the reasons for becoming incorporated is to help the Club to become a CASC (Community Amateur Sports Club) which has many tax advantages. We have now started this process and will let you know when we have registered as a CASC.

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