Happy Festive Season!

Dear Bron members,
With the last club email of the year I would like to wish you all a Happy Festive season on behalf of the Committee and see you all again in the new year.
The clubhouse will be closed on Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th December and  on Tuesday 1st January.


Festive season2

AGM reminder and club events

Good morning Bron members,

The November newsletter is here with plenty of club information and invitations to unmissable club events inside. 

  • Club AGM reminder
  • Car park closure,
  • Edward's next talk
  • Christmas quiz - hosted by Matt Bamford
  • Wine tasting

Just in case you missed the link above for the newsletter and details on the bullet points, please find it here:


Club AGM Sunday 18 November 6pm

Dear Bron members,

The Club AGM will be on Sunday 18 November at 6pm.

The Bar will be open so come along a bit earlier and settle in for the evening.

In preparation please see the following documents on the website:

  • Final Accounts 2017/2018

  • AGM Minutes 2017

  • AGM Agenda 2018 - You can also find the agenda below and copies will be on the notice boards in the tennis hut and in the Pavilion.

    The current elected Board members’ list can be found below. Please note that any alternative Board nominations have to be proposed and seconded by email to secretary@brondesburysc.co.uk by COP Saturday 3 November. I will put this up on the notice board by the end of the weekend.




To receive the Minutes of the AGM held on Sunday 26 November 2017


President’s reports


Treasurer’s reports



Secretary’s reports


Neighbour liaison’s reports


Reports from Cricket, Squash and tennis

6.1 Bar update


Election for Club Officers


Position Current Candidate Proposed Seconded
President Mike Bentley Mike Bentley

Edward Ben-Nathan

Laura Rakos
Hon. Secretary Laura Rakos Laura Rakos Bob Baxter Mike Bentley
Hon. Treasurer Martyn Webb Martyn Webb Mike Bentley Bob Baxter

Sectional directors

Cricket Bob Baxter
Squash Adrian Fletcher
Tennis Edward Ben-Nathan



Garages project

Dear Bron members,

Cricket and tennis are in the off-season and this time of the year is being used for projects to improve various areas of the club. There are two projects that I am able to give you updates on and I will do the same for upcoming ones as soon as I can. As you know with construction works taking place there are certain restrictions you need to be aware of so please read on to find out what they are.

Project updates:

Cricket square

The old square’s gone, we have a brand new one. The project took two days, thank you for your patience while the car park was closed during this period.


The project starts on Thursday 18 October. From 4pm-10pm a 5yard skip will be delivered and will be left in front of the clubhouse for a few days.

Friday 19 October 8:30am: asbestos removal starts and should be finished on Monday 22 October.

Monday 22 October 10:30am: new bases installation begins.


  • Please note that machinery will be left on site until Thursday 25 October and the back gate (by the cricket nets) will be locked from Monday 22 until Friday 26 October. Please use the main entrance during this time.

  • The car park may also be closed next week so please note that you may have to park on the nearby streets.

Thank you for your patience during this busy time and if you have any questions you can reach me on secretary@brondesburysc.co.uk

Parking unavailable

Dear Bron members,

Parking will be unavailable at the club on Monday 1 October and Tuesday 2 October. During this time construction works will be taking place on the cricket square.

There is parking available on the streets outside for anyone that requires it. Thanks in advance for your co-operation.

Parking will be available at the club again from Wednesday 3 October.

End of season

Hi Bron members,

For end of season summaries, project updates, upcoming events and club notices please click here to view the newsletter.

Richard Abramson's talk on Shakespeare on Sunday 7 October will be the first of many at the clubhouse. For more information on the event please click on the link above.

The full schedule of school visits will be added to the events calendar. Please note that Thursday mornings are the busiest between 11.15 and 12.30.  For further information on parking and limited availability of courts 6 and 7 please read the newsletter.

If you have any quetions you can reach me on secretary@brondesburysc.co.uk.

July news

Dear Brondesbury members,
I hope the July newsletter finds you well. Please follow this link to find out how our sports teams are doing in their respective leagues along with some other club news. If you have any questions on any of the above please contact me on secretary@brondesburysc.co.uk

Bar opening hours

Dear members,

As some of you may know,  Marta's last shift at the bar was on Sunday. While we're working on backfilling the role please note that the bar will not be open as usual and as communicated in the newsletter. Saturday will be business as usual but opening hours in the next two weeks may be limited. During this period  you can bring your own alcohol to the club and I will be in touch as soon as I can with further updates.

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