Update from the President

This message is from Richard Abramson to all club members

What an eventful few months we have had!  Much of what has gone on will be obvious to members, but not everything, so this newsletter is to give an overview of where the club is today.

It is very good to see first tennis and now cricket being played again.  I hope that you share my thankfulness for the considerable efforts put in by the many volunteers involved  and the coaches to make it all happen in a timely fashion and in accordance with government and sporting body guidance.  We slowly approach something like normality, but restrictions continue and will further evolve over time.   Tennis and multi sports camps and cricket training are operating, making the club once again a hive of activity, albeit at a social distance!  The schools which use the site during the week expect to resume doing so from September.  Cleaning appropriate to the Covid regime is in place in both pavilions.  As I write, it is possible that squash too will resume soon; let us hope so.

With immaculate timing, some of the first significant projects I had been involved with are refurbishments of the tennis pavilion and the main pavilion bar.  And we can’t use them!  That too is changing though; the tennis toilets have been available for some time and are a boon to many of us, and drinks were served outside the main pavilion for the first time last weekend, accompanying the resumption of cricket matches.  The bar has been made attractive and efficient, and the areas out of public sight tidy and hygienic.  We look forward to a gradual return to full use.

The squash courts have been repainted, new lighting installed and new doors.  Inadequate fencing along the Blackberry path and behind the squash courts has been replaced.  Irrigation and drainage for the cricket squares are being installed.  The next major project is the resurfacing of tennis courts 1 to 3, work on which will begin August 17th.  The tennis committee will continue to adapt the court booking system to meet the circumstances for as long as it is maintained.

The plans for a new court on the bowling green site are on hold for the present, pending more certainty about the club’s financial situation in the light of the pandemic.  This includes work on the car park.  Meanwhile stones have been laid to ameliorate the unfortunate mud bath that emerged after the tennis toilet drain was dug, for which I can only apologise!

My best wishes for an active, happy and healthy summer.


More Facilities Available

We are pleased to advise in light of some of the lockdown restrictions being eased that with effect from Thursday 4 June the club car park and both the toilets in the Tennis Pavilion and Club House will re-open.

There will be regular cleaning of the toilet facilities and soap and paper towels will be available.  The indoor facilities are available ONLY for the use of the toilets, and members must respect social distancing at all times.

Barnet Council are reinstating parking restrictions from Monday 8 June, so from then onwards the normal restrictions apply to parking on the roads near the club.

Club closure, Wimbledon Ballot and Tennis subscriptions

Message from Club President, Richard Abramson

Following the closure of the club, a number of questions have, quite reasonably, been raised by members.  Exercise is commended even by the government, and family groups can be together, so why not allow family groups to play tennis?  The grounds present a pleasant open space which could be valued by members, and perhaps by the local community, so why shut them off in their entirety?

I would first note that our action is reflected in the closure of all the other clubs of which we are aware.  Closing the tennis courts is a requirement of the LTA, to which the club is affiliated.  (Follow the link on the LTA website.)

Family tennis might be a very attractive idea.  However, even if opening the courts were permitted, the club would need to be sure that different family groups do not mix in the court areas, and that others do not take advantage of the courts being open.  The club has no practical way of ensuring this.

It is a pity to see the grounds gated off.  Our response is in the context of a national emergency under which the government requires each of us to limit the possibility of spreading the virus.  Anyone can exercise without having to use the club grounds.  If our (private) grounds were open, the club would have a responsibility to ensure that they were used responsibly.  Again, we have no practical way to do this.

We all look forward to the reopening of the club and a return to something approaching normal life.  Shakespeare offers solace, comparing separation to the winter season:

As call it winter, which being full of care
Makes summer's welcome thrice more wished, more rare.

Wimbledon Ballot

It is our expectation that, sadly, Wimbledon will be called off.  If it is not, then further notices will explain how we will conduct a ballot.

Tennis subscriptions

The club is reviewing how to treat tennis subscriptions, but has not yet reached a conclusion.  A note will follow soon.

My best wishes for everyone's good health.  Keep fit if you can.


Club closed

Following the announcement from the Prime Minister on Monday evening, the Club is closed for all activity with immediate effect.



Coroavirus - update from the President

The government’s most recent announcements include the closing of indoor sports facilities.  We are therefore following the lead of England Squash in closing our squash courts with immediate effect.  A notice has been sent to squash members giving more details.

The bar was already closed, and now we will also close the club pavilion until further notice.

Tennis remains open and, apparently, encouraged as a sport.  However, the guidance on avoiding social contact must be stressed.  The tennis pavilion is open only so as to allow access to the toilet block.  This will be emphasised by taping off the social areas and kitchen; all members and their families are expected to respect these restrictions.

The board believes that continuing to keep the tennis courts open is a responsible action in the light of government and LTA advice.  Not every tennis club is staying open, and our stance could change at any time.  Meanwhile members alone are responsible for choosing to play or not, and for acting in a way which stands the best chance of keeping them safe.

My best wishes for the health and wellbeing of all members.

Richard Abramson

Coronavirus update

A message from the club president.

The board is constantly monitoring advice on how to react to the news on coronavirus.  As the advice changes, our approach is likely to have to change with it.  As of Tuesday 17 March, the following sets out our position.  This note does not refer directly to the cricket section as the season is yet to begin; cricket advice will follow when it is available.

Until yesterday the LTA had encouraged the continuation of usual tennis activities.  Following the changed advice from the government yesterday, the LTA have suspended activities ‘delivered by the LTA’.  While the LTA has suspended its organised activity, it points out that the Government have currently indicated that recreational exercise that takes place at a safe distance from others and in safe exercise environments is something that can continue during this period.  For the full LTA advice, go to https://www.lta.org.uk/.

Middlesex Tennis meanwhile have suspended all league games, so all our tennis league fixtures are suspended until further notice.

Similarly England Squash have suspended all squash league games.

Tennis coaching activities are continuing with extra precautions.  Marina is writing separately to all involved in group coaching.

Otherwise the club’s present approach is to leave it to each member to decide what is appropriate in the light of government advice, but with the following requirements:

  • There should be no social gathering other than the minimum required to play.  This means that the club and tennis pavilions should be used only for access to the toilets and wash facilities.  If it rains, don't gather in the pavilion, go home. 
  • The bar is closed until further notice.
  • Players should carefully wash hands before and after playing.
  • No handshakes.
  • Do not attend the club if you are feeling unwell.

We have stepped up the level of cleaning of both pavilions and the squash courts.

The board and everyone involved with the club’s organisation wish all members well.  It is and it will continue to be a very difficult time; we can only hope that sport is allowed to continue, to provide respite for those for whom it is appropriate, but we will have to see what advice is forthcoming.

Richard Abramson

Race night - this Saturday!

A reminder about Race Night on Saturday 14th March, 7pm at the Club. This event is open to the whole Club and the Cricket section would love to welcome Members from Tennis and Squash, as well as their guests. This is now an annual event in memory of our former 1st XI captain who died three years ago from bowel cancer and so all money raised will go to the charity Crohn’s & Colitis. The 2020 edition will be the third time that we have run this event and previously we have raised close to £1000 on both occasions. Please do come down and support.  Minimum bets are £1, so please don’t worry about it becoming too expensive!

For any further details, email brondesburycc@gmail.com 

Tennis reminders - Easter Camps and LTA Leaders

LTA Leaders Course 

On Saturday 21st March, Marina Lavarello will be running a LTA Leaders Course for teenage players.
Tennis Leaders is aimed at 13 years plus and the content is suitable for older juniors just starting out on the tennis career pathway through to adult volunteers looking to support their local coach, referee or club official. 

It will run from 1.00 - 6.00pm and cover 3 modules: Introduction to Tennis, Running a Competition and Supporting your Coach.
The course costs £40 for the day.

To book either the LTA Leaders Course or Easter Camps please email Marina on:


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