Parking on Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th June

St Anthony’s School will be holding their Junior and Senior House Sports
Days on Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th June from 8:30 am till 4:00pm .

Can we please ask you to park considerately on these days. There will
probably be one coach in the drive most of the day. School parents have
been asked not to park in the car park or drive, but it is most important
that there is a clear access and exit route from the club to the street so
that any emergency vehicle can get in and out.

There is parking on Harman Drive, Harman Close, Farm Avenue and Hocroft
Avenue, but there are restrictions between 10-11am and 2-3pm in different
parts of the roads. There are signs that clearly show this. The Farm Avenue
end of Harman Drive is 2-3pm restrictions, as is some of Hocroft Avenue.
Other areas are all restricted 10-11am. The yellow lines follow the same

Thank you for your understanding.