Online Privacy - Enhanced

When we launched the site a week or so ago it protected members' privacy as follows:

  • Only registered users (i.e. only club members and their family) can access the Members List and, through that, see profiles of other users.
  • The only personal information displayed in the profile is the user's name, and, if entered, a mobile phone number. Of course, if an image is uploaded that's displayed.
  • Via the profile other users can send an email and a connection request. This is done via the site and your email address is not visible. (Naturally, if you reply to an email your address will become known.)

We have just extended your online privacy as follows:

  • When you register you can control the visbility of your contact information yourself. If you are already registered this facility is available via editing your profile. You can fine tune this by limiting the visibility of your phone numbers to those with whom you have established connections on the site.
  • If you so wish, you can even elect to be ex-directory. You would thus not be visible at all in the Members List and thus no other club member could contact you through it. We hope you would not feel the need to select this option.