Brondesbury Doubles Ladder - update

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and your donation to The Felix project. We will be hearing from one of their ambassadors in the forthcoming weeks, but, in the meantime, let’s boost the fund a bit further with some more doubles pairings. Email me at and remember to include a phone number. 
Here are the entrants so far:
Matt Bamford & bag carrier
Warwick Scoggins & Jon Liddiard
Francois Heritier & Howard Wright
Chris Williams & Oli Nowak
Gideon Joseph & John Driscoll
Dave Sansom & Robert Sansom
Ed Coventry & Michele Caggianese
Robert Lastman & International catwalk model
Nicola Hands & Marc Terry
John Brosnan & Charles Wilsdon
Abi Poulard & Jonah Poulard
Steve Lowy & James Courtney
Fabrizio Bagnoli & Eric Debray
Alki Antonopolou & Maggie Shiltagh
Edward Ben-Nathan & personal physician
Ati Georgopoulos & anger management consultant
Horatio Waller & Stephen Barabas
John Kirkham & Eli Joseph
Elena Sueppel & Maria Sueppel
Richard Abramson & Doug Jacob
Victoria Zabci & Mert Zabci
Lucy Findlay & Jinny choo Jackson
Madeleine Abramson & Dame Maggie Baxter CBE RSI ADHD VAR 
Please note that these pairings are not necessarily in order of brilliance, so it’s not necessary to feel insulted. The aim is to give you a challenge one or two rungs above, as well as the possibility of being overtaken by those just below.
I’ll fire the starting pistol on November 1st, and will provide you with short biographies, strengths, weaknesses and phone numbers of your potential opponents.