Court Resurfacing

The work to resurface the block of three courts begins on Monday, Aug 17, although some preparatory work might start on the weekend. Since the work involves repairing the underlying asphalt the project is expected to take four weeks. The car park will be unavalable for use during that first week. 

As the coaches will be taking their annual leave after the end of the summer children's camps on Aug 14, all of the block of four courts will be available for general play for the following two weeks or so. Coaching is expected to restart on Sept 3, using the back two courts. Thus, from that point, until the resurfacing work is finished, only two courts will be available for general play. 

Court booking ceases on Aug 14 and will not be restarted. Hence, during this short period when only two courts will be available for general play, we should expect to wait for a court to become available and then come off after playing only one set. Only doubles should be played while people are waiting to play,