Coronavirus update

The government’s most recent announcements include the closing of indoor sports facilities.  We are therefore following the lead of England Squash in closing our squash courts with immediate effect.  A notice is being sent to squash members giving more details.

The bar was already closed, and now we will also close the club pavilion until further notice.

Tennis remains open and, apparently, encouraged as a sport.  However, the guidance on avoiding social contact must be stressed.  The tennis pavilion is open only so as to allow access to the toilet block.  This will be emphasised by taping off the social areas and kitchen; all members and their families are expected to respect these restrictions.

The board believes that continuing to keep the tennis courts open is a responsible action in the light of government and LTA advice.  Not every tennis club is staying open, and our stance could change at any time.  Meanwhile members alone are responsible for choosing to play or not, and for acting in a way which stands the best chance of keeping them safe.

My best wishes for the health and wellbeing of all members.