We strive to ensure that all children, young people and adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience. Everyone who is involved at Brondesbury has a shared responsibility to support this by promoting the welfare of all children, young people and adults. We have the following policies in place to help us achieve this and all policies are reviewed and updated annually. 

If you would like to report a concern, please contact our Welfare Officer, Naomi Brightwell on 07930 525 215 or [email protected]. You can also see proceedures to follow below.

Safeguarding Policy:
Brondesbury Sports Club is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run. This Policy strives to minimise risk, deliver a positive tennis experience for everyone and respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns/disclosures. 
Safeguarding Full Policy-   pdf HERE (480 KB) .
Safeguarding Summary Statement-   pdf HERE. (210 KB)
Report a Concern Procedure:
Anyone who is concerned about the well-being of a child/ adult at risk, or has a disclosure of abuse or neglect made to them, should follow the steps pdf HERE (249 KB) pdf
(249 KB)
Welfare Officer:
The Welfare Officer is responsible for promoting safeguarding within their venue and working with others to ensure a safe and inclusive environment is achieved. 
Welfare officer details: Naomi Brightwell, 07930525215 or [email protected]
Welfare Officer Poster: pdf HERE (3.15 MB)
Welfare officer role description: pdf HERE (102 KB)
Whistleblowing Policy:
Safeguarding children and adults at risk requires everyone to be committed to the highest possible standards of openness, integrity and accountability. As a club, we are committed to encouraging and maintaining a culture where people feel able to raise a genuine safeguarding concern and are confident that it will be taken seriously.
Whistleblowing Policy-   pdf HERE (260 KB) .
Diversity & Inclusion Policy:
The aim of this policy is to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and with respect and that members, non members and visiting teams are not denied access to Brondesbury because of a discriminatory reason. Together we can make a positive difference to people from different backgrounds to participate in Tennis at our club. 
Diversity & Inclusion Policy -   pdf HERE (468 KB) .
Code of Conduct Policy:
All members, coaches, volunteers and staff agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. This is required in order to support the club in providing a welcoming and safe environment for all children and young people and in the implementation of its child protection policy and procedures.
Code of Conduct- pdf HERE (226 KB)
Disciplinary Policy Procedure:
Everyone involved at the club should demonstrate appropriate behaviours and attitudes and not tolerate poor practice. Brondesbury has the following procedure in place to challange poor practice and inappropriate behviours/ attitudes as they could otherwise lead to safeguarding issues.
Disciplinary Policy Procedure- HERE
Changing Room Policy
This document sets out the Brondesbury Sports Club policy for the acceptable use of our changing rooms. Brondesbury Sports Club strives to ensure that all children are safeguarded and have an enjoyable tennis experience.
Changing Room Policy-   pdf HERE (78 KB) pdf . (78 KB)
Use of Imagery Policy
This policy sets out how Brondesbury Sports Club aims to protect children with regards to photography. 
Guide to Safer Recruitment 
This policy sets out the steps Brondesbury Sports Club will take to ensure safe recruitment 
Safer Recruitment Policy-  pdf HERE. (178 KB) pdf
(178 KB)
Anti-Bullying Policy
This document sets out how to help prevent bullying from happening to all children and adults at risk. It also includes how to make sure bullying is stopped as soon as possible if it does happen and that those involved receive the support they need. It also provides information to all staff, volunteers, children and their families about what should be done to prevent and deal with bullying.
Anti-Bullying Policy-   pdf HERE (289 KB)