The Great Brondesbury Christmas Quiz

  — Saturday 9th December at 7.30 —
Entrance fee: £10 per adult
                        £5 per junior

Guess these Christmas Carols:
If you can answer these questions (and more) you should tootle on down to the quiz and win a prize. The coaching team (unbeaten in a Christmas quiz since January) have issued a challenge:
“Any team that beats us on the night will get a free drink at the bar, paid for by us.”
Why not come along and give them a damn good thrashing, then we’ll settle down to the following events:
• Early buffet and drink
• Sports Day video
• Sports Day awards
• Christmas Quiz 1
• Late buffet and drink
• Christmas Quiz 2
• Answers, prizes and the sound of coaches sobbing into their scoresheets
See you all on the 9th