Festive season greetings

Dear Brondesbury members

Wishing all members, staff and coaches a wonderful festive season and a happy and healthy 2021.

We would also like this opportunity to remind members that the Club Pavilion will be closed on 25th, 26th December and on 1st January.

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Car Park Now Open


 The work to extend and resurface the car park is now complete as you can see above. The beige pebbled area on the right could not be laid with tarmac as planning regulations require the surface to be permeable. You will find that there are white dots marking lines to separate the 6 parking spaces in this pebbled area. Please use this pebbled area as this then leaves much of the main area for manoeuvring,

We will be getting the supplier to mark out parking spaces on the asphalt in the new year.

Car Park update

As already advised, the car park work begins this coming Monday, 29 November.  After discussion with the contractors, we have had to agree that almost all the space in the exterior drive, i.e. from the road to the club gates, will be fenced off and in use for the contractor's equipment.  Pedestrian entry will be along the side.  

Car parking therefore has to be in Harman Drive and surrounding roads.   Parking restrictions mean that, without a permit, parking is not permitted between 10 and 11 am, Monday to Friday.    A few parking places are instead restricted between 2 and 3 pm, but in the morning these are normally fully taken. 

On Monday to Friday the club can also be accessed from the gate on the Blackberry path between our grounds and the UCS playing fields.  The plan is to leave it unlocked from around 9 am.



We had hoped that the AGM would be held in person.  It would have been great to be together again, and the Covid situation was improving with the vaccination success.  However quite a few members remain nervous about the potential for crowding together, and the priority is to encourage attendance, so (hopefully for the last time) this AGM will be held on ZOOM.  It will be still on Sunday 28th at 6pm: use this link -


Meeting ID: 831 5909 5191
Passcode: 729039

*Car Park*

Completion of another job has held up the contractors.  Work is now expected to start on Monday 29th November. 




Club AGM 28 November 2021

The Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Sunday 28th November 2021 at 6pm at the Club House.  As well as Club matters such as the President’s and Treasurer’s reports, it is an opportunity to hear an update from Tennis, Cricket and Squash on their activities over the past year.

The Club Officer roles have to be approved at each AGM.   There are currently individuals proposed for each of these roles as captured in the document agenda (74 KB) .

Should any other member wish to be considered for a Club Officer position, they should advise me by Sunday 21st November along with the names of two members to propose and second the nomination.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM


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