Club AGM - save the date - 4th December

This is just an early warning of the date of the 2016 Club AGM, which will be held on 4th December at 6:00pm.

A full Agenda and notice of elections and voting rights will be sent to you nearer the time, but we wanted you to put the date in your diaries.

Apart from reports from each section, there wil be an update on future developments in the pipeline, and an opportunity to discuss what you, the members, want from our club in the next 5-10 years. What vision should we be developing as a sports club??

The Bar is now open on Friday nights only, from 7pm-midnight.

Meanwhile, the work on the cricket pitches has now finished, although there will be more work at a future date to make the cricket nets into an indoor facility, and to tidy up the garage and storage areas. The Tennis mound needs tidying and seeding, and that will be organised soon. The Club is looking at some refurbishment of the Cluhouse, and we will keep you informed about this. But if there is ANYONE interested to help in looking at this, please let me know.

New Cricket Wickets and Nets

Primrose Hill Cricket Club (PHCC) published this newsletter on their website, and we thought you would like to see it.

They have nearly finished their works programme, and we are now looking at removing the garages near the Squash Court and replacing the maintenance garge in the far corner. The 'mound' by Tennis Court 1 will be tidied up,, flattened down further, and then seeded with grass.

Primrose Hill Cricket Club
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It's all happening at Bron  

We are delighted to tell you that all is now official in our tie-up with Brondesbury CC.  After a very successful trial season this year, we have now extended our current agreement until the end of 2029, allowing our teams access to the facilities for 15 seasons from this year.  

After signing the deal, work has begun this past month to upgrade the facilities at Brondesbury, co-funded by PHCC and Middlesex CCC.

It's been quite a job! 

First task  - remove 50 tonnes of waste... reveal 400 sq metres of available land.
Next task -  after much planning and advice...
..lay a new  astro wicket and three new grass wickets.  At last - proper cricket pitches for our U11s, U12s and U13s to play on. 

And state of the art nets too...


We have also laid three brand new artificial nets delivered to the highest specification - tarmac underlay, specially sprung bowler run-ups and top grade batting surfaces.  

Exclusive Leisure were our contractors and they've done a fantastic job - the tarmac underlay gives consistent bounce for years to come. 
Bowlers run-up on a tufted surface used for hockey.  It's harder wearing and sanded to give support to the knees  - extra soil and grass has been laid so William Shingles can come off his long run. 
Highest spec batting ends with protector canvas.  Keeping everyone  in the zone  - no distractions from your mate next door.  
Bron is on the up

The adult Bron teams have had a fantastic year.  The 1st XI were promoted back into the Middlesex Premier League  - the division they dominated throughout the '80s and '90s and where they rightfully belong.  And the 2nd XI went up too.

Thirteen PHCC players past and present played for adult Bron teams in the season across the 2nd to 4th XI and they all made real contributions   - none more so than Matthew Takavarasha (PHCC 2014) who hit a six and a four in the last over to take the Bron 3rd XI to victory in a must-win final game of the season. 

Brondesbury CC 1st XI - we look forward to having some PHCC players there soon. 

Last week of works at Brondesbury

Thank you for your patience as regards the parking and mess while works on the cricket pitch continue. We hope that all the work planned at present will finish this week, weather permitting.

Parking this week:-

Please can members leave an area clear near the path to the tennis courts each day until 5pm, as this is where the lorries gain access to the cricket pitch.

  • On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there may not be access to the carpark until the afternoon, this will be earlier if deliveries are completed. Peter, our groundsman, will open the carpark as soon as possible.
  • On Thursday and Friday: parking will be limited to one side of drive and carpark until the deliveries are made. This should be compketed by 9am, so it should not be a problem, but we are warning you in case of delays.
  • Parking on Harman Drive is subject to restrictions as mentioned in an earlier email.




Pilates is back!

Mark Sanders an experienced Pilates teacher started a Monday weekly class in February. The class has proved very popular and the class is now continuing after a summer break.

Class time. 10.30 Monday morning, recommencing on Monday September 19th on the squash court.

Pilates is an excellent exercise for gaining strength and flexibility. It is good for tennis players as it can help reduce injury.

If you interested please contact Mark Sanders 07830 666939


Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th September

There is limited car parking down the right hand side of the drive (looking from the road) and none on the left hand side of the drive; similarly in the car park - no parking under the trees on the left, but some space on the RHS. This is for the whole morning and some of the afternoon, until all deliveries are complete. When parking please consider that large lorries need access to the car park. The lorries will drive onto the pitches from the gap between the large trees and the willows (by the tennis court path).

Tuesday 13th September

There is limited car parking down the right hand side of the drive (looking from the road) and none on the left hand side of the drive; and no parking in the car park at all between 9am and 4pm.

Thursday 14th September

There are no workmen or schools on site this day but there is an MCC Cricket match so there will be a lot of cars in the car park.

Friday 15th September

As of this moment, Friday looks normal; but watch this space!

Car Parking today is OK and current works

Just to say that, although the work on the cricket nets is continuing, there will not be large vehicles going in and out today after all - so you can park after all.

There is a lot of earth at the back of the grounds which is being moved next to tennis court no. 1. This will be compacted down and then grassed over. Currently it is an eyesore and a bit of a shock to see, but we promise it will get better.


After an amazing few weeks of good weather, let's hope it continues into the Autumn.

The cricket section, in conjunction with Primrose Hill Cricket Club is doing a lot of redevelopment work this Autumn. They will be putting in new practice nets at the back of the cricket pitch this week, and work commences on Wednesday 7th September.

From Wednesday to Friday there will be very large lorries delivering equipemt, and we apologise, but there is NO PARKING AVAILABLE on these days in the drive or car park areas between the hours of 7am and 4pm.

There is parking on Harman Drive, Harman Close, Farm Avenue and Hocroft Avenue, but there are restrictions between 10-11am and 2-3pm in different parts of the roads. There are signs that clearly show this. The Farm Avenue end of Harman Drive is 2-3pm restrictions, as is some of Hocroft Avenue. Other areas are all restricted 10-11am. The yellow lines follow the same restrictions.

Owing to this work, there will be no schools on the grounds this week, and coaching has not yet restarted, so all the tennis courts will be available for use. We will let you know of the new schools times before their sessions restart next week.

Junior Summer Camps

Just to remind all you post-Wimbledon keen tennis players that the kids summer camps have started. This means that 4 courts will be in use from Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm. From 9am - 4pm and from 3pm - 4pm there will be 2 courts in use, and there may be the usual coaching program on 2 courts after that. 

Normal service resumes on 22nd August. The schools return on September 7th, but they will have less usage of the courts in the next academic year - more on this nearer the time.

Don't forget that on some evenings there are still league matches until the end of July which occupies 3 courts. All the dates of these matches are on the Events Calendar.

 And please remember - the children are the future of our Club and of British tennis. 

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