Squash AGM Update

The squash AGM took place on Thursday. I'll give a brief outline of what was covered and I can provide a full copy of minutes on request. 

The club currently has 103 members and we see a steady stream of enquiries about membership coming in. We ended the season last year with 120 members and it has taken us to May to get back up to past the hundred mark. Turnover at the club is high at the club and from the information we have about departing members it is due to moving away from the area, other commitments such as family or work, not playing enough to warrant renewing. It was pointed out that more could be done to stem the outflow at the end of the season and to find out more about reasons for non-renewal. 
In terms of finances the club is doing well with a large surplus at the end of March. There can be significant unexpected expenses which come up throughout the year which put a dent in this, such as building and ground maintenance. The club has made some improvements to the clubhouse to brighten the place up and it is a constant topic at the committee meetings. A slight concern is that both squash membership and court income has gone down since last year. The off-peak rate introduced with the online booking system can be identified for the drop in court income and the membership income is partly down to the timing of when people join. 
The club has a wide range of abilities and continues to put two teams into the Middlesex Squash Leagues. Our 1st team topped their league and will be getting a well deserved promotion to Division 3 next season. The second team are hoping to 'do a Leicester' next season and have title hopes in our sights. Thanks have to go to all who played for the teams over the course of the season and here's to another successful year. 
While the team squash provides a competitive outlet for the more advanced players it was mentioned that more could be done internally to get people playing each other. Internal leagues, regular tournaments and social events are all areas which we should be revived at the club. 
The AGM finished with a vote for the Squash Representative where I was up against Darren Jones. It was a close call with 7 votes in my favour to Darren's 5.  While the role is not arduous it would be useful to have input into the direction of the squash club. With this in mind if you would be interested in being part of a squash committee I would love to hear from you. 
I said it would be brief so best finish off, before doing so thanks for making Brondesbury Squash the great club that it is and hope to see you around soon.