Coronavirus update

A message from the club president.

The board is constantly monitoring advice on how to react to the news on coronavirus.  As the advice changes, our approach is likely to have to change with it.  As of Tuesday 17 March, the following sets out our position.  This note does not refer directly to the cricket section as the season is yet to begin; cricket advice will follow when it is available.

Until yesterday the LTA had encouraged the continuation of usual tennis activities.  Following the changed advice from the government yesterday, the LTA have suspended activities ‘delivered by the LTA’.  While the LTA has suspended its organised activity, it points out that the Government have currently indicated that recreational exercise that takes place at a safe distance from others and in safe exercise environments is something that can continue during this period.  For the full LTA advice, go to

Middlesex Tennis meanwhile have suspended all league games, so all our tennis league fixtures are suspended until further notice.

Similarly England Squash have suspended all squash league games.

Tennis coaching activities are continuing with extra precautions.  Marina is writing separately to all involved in group coaching.

Otherwise the club’s present approach is to leave it to each member to decide what is appropriate in the light of government advice, but with the following requirements:

  • There should be no social gathering other than the minimum required to play.  This means that the club and tennis pavilions should be used only for access to the toilets and wash facilities.  If it rains, don't gather in the pavilion, go home. 
  • The bar is closed until further notice.
  • Players should carefully wash hands before and after playing.
  • No handshakes.
  • Do not attend the club if you are feeling unwell.

We have stepped up the level of cleaning of both pavilions and the squash courts.

The board and everyone involved with the club’s organisation wish all members well.  It is and it will continue to be a very difficult time; we can only hope that sport is allowed to continue, to provide respite for those for whom it is appropriate, but we will have to see what advice is forthcoming.

Richard Abramson