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Wimbledon Ballot 2018

To participate in the 2018 Wimbledon Ballot, you need not only to have an LTA British Tennis (BT) number but you need to opt in to each year's ballot. Last year 300 of us opted in by the cut-off date in Feb 2018. So far only 125 of us have opted in. The more that are entered into the ballot the greater will be the number of allocated pairs of tickets in the ballot. Please do so now. 

If you don't yet have a BT number you can join here, and can then opt in to the 2018 ballot. (You must affiliate to Brondesbury, which is in the LTA's Middlesex region.) Alternatively you can call them on 020 8487 7000, which might make it easier to enable multiple family members to opt in.

The Great Brondesbury Christmas Quiz

Saturday 9th December at 7.30pm
Can you answer the following questions:
• How long was the Hundred Years War?
• How long is a piece of string?
• Who was the first woman in space?
• Was she strong and stable?
• When did England change from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar?
• When will Alex Dillon make the same change?
• Who was the second person to run under 4 minutes for a mile?
• Who recorded the fastest serve at Brondesbury this year?
If you can answer any of these teasers, you will probably win a prize on the night. Put the date in your diary, form a team of 4-8 quizzers and come and celebrate an early Christmas with us. 
The evening will include:
• Sports Day Video
• Medal presentations 
• Quiz
• Christmas Buffet
• Surprise entertainments
Let me know if you’re keen to join in and I can expand or contract the food supply. Those without a team will be auctioned to the highest bidder on the night. 
Hope to see you all there,

2017 Tennis AGM Report

 The evening began with a presentation of a cheque by two special club representatives, Lindsay Fitzpatrick and Pryanka Malhotra, to Paul Ricketts, the local representative of the Samaritans. The cheque was for over £2600, money which was raised by the club on the recent fun Sports Day organised by Matt Bamford. Lindsay and Pryanka gave a highly enthusiastic and professional presentation of the fun they and other kids have at Brondesbury and how proud the club is to honour the memory of Robin Francis by making this contribution to the Samaritans.

Paul then spoke eloquently about the importance of the work they do in helping people in desperate need and thanked the club for this contribution to enable them to continue in their important work.

The formal part of the evening then began. I delivered the overall section summary, which you can find here

Martyn Webb, our Club Treasurer, delivered an overview of the club's financial position, using the following draft accounts.

Because Marina was unfortunately ill, Angus delivered the Head Coach's report of the season, which can be found here.

I then reported on the project to build a new court on the bowling green. The requirement for the new court is because of the success of the coaching programme and its unmet need for more capacity. The planning application came before the committee (of councillors) for the second time and, despite the planning officer's recommendation to approve, they refused it by a majority of 4-3. The club will be appealing this decision which will in due course be heard by a Planning Inspector. 

One consequence of the delay in getting approval is that we are now likely to be unable to access the LTA's loan facility as this now depends on us installing a court booking facility, which we will not do. The loan would be 50%, interest-free, and for 10 years. The cost of the new court, given the extra car parking spaces needed next to court 1, means the total cost is likely to be roughly £150k. This could, just, be affordable with club funds but would mean that the project to build a toilets facility at the pavilion, estimated at £60k, would have to wait for more funds to accumulate.

Discussion then took place amongst the attendees. Mike Bentley, Club President, for example, expressed his long-held view that we should implement a court-booking system. The Tennis committee, however, is committed to the current policy and believes it commands widespread support.  

AGM on Sunday - Agenda

The AGM will immediately follow the presentation to the Samaritans, which will be at 6pm. The agenda will be:

  • Secretary's Report
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Head Coach Report
  • Projects Status (new court and toilets)
  • AOB

Sports Day & Robin's Fund Update

Dear All,
Thank you so much for your generous response to our appeal, following Robin's death. Whether you attended Sports Day as a spectator, competed in the sack race, baked a cake, attempted the fastest serve, or simply made an anonymous donation, we are able to say that, as a community, Brondesbury has responded to tragedy with positivity and kindness. 
On Sunday evening at 6pm, just before the AGM (see next article), some of the juniors will be presenting Brent Samaritans with a cheque for £2600. This will make a huge difference to a local branch. Please come along and support our youngsters, enjoy a sense of pride in what we've achieved, and thank our new friends, the Samaritan volunteers for the extraordinary work they do. 
Sincere best wishes and thanks,

Wimbledon Ballot 2018 - Opt In

To participate in next year's Wimbledon Ticket Ballot, which will be some time next Spring, you will need to be a member of British Tennis and to have opted in to the ballot by Feb 2018. If you're not yet a BT member you can join online ( You can select a Lite Membership, which is free, but you must affiliate to Brondesbury, which is in the LTA's Middlesex Region. You can opt in to the ballot at the same time. Alternatively, you can call them on 020 8487 7000. This might be easier to opt in on behalf of all your family members.

Please do so now.

Sports Day Results Service

The drug testing has been done, and most of our competitors were clean.  

Every performance was of note, particularly in such difficult and windy conditions, but here is the highlights package:

Winning Captain - Judith Lorenzo

Fastest Man - Joe Bamford
Fastest Woman - Louise Fitzpatrick 

Mini Marathon Victor - Matt Hughes

The Kipling Prize for an Exceedingly Good Cake - Jane Oxford-Whitefield 

Fastest Serve - Angus Whitefield 

Cricket Ball Throw - Joe Bamford

Karaoke Queen - Caitlin Amdor

All-Rounder of the Day - Gabe Joseph


Other results continue to be disputed and these will be resolved on Saturday 9th December, when the Great Brondesbury Sports Day Video will be unveiled. Come along to the clubhouse at 6.30pm, for an evening of entertainment, medal ceremonies, mince pies and the very first Christmas Team Quiz of 2017. If you like Pointless, The Chase, Eggheads, Mastermind and Only Connect - then you are watching too much television. 


Robin's Fund is due to close at midnight on September 30th. We have raised £2300 so far for the Samaritans, but if you have forgotten to contribute, please do it today. The bank details are below:

Robin's Fund
Brondesbury Sport Club
Sort Code 20-32-37
Account number 50001333
Many thanks to all of you who have contributed in any way. 


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