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2016 Finals Day Report

Last Sunday saw the club's best tournament finals ever. We held the greatest number of finals, with some great matches and a broad range of excellently played junior finals, all played in great weather and supported by a good crowd. We held our first veterans match. Here's our report.

From a Special Correspondent:

The opening event on the show courts this year was a Legends Final played over one set. Distinguished participants Frances Nagy & Alex Panas engaged in a battle of wits with George Badacsonyi & Howard Jacobs. After 45 minutes of clever lobs, cunning drop shots, angled volleys and terrible old jokes, Frances Nagy & Alex Panas emerged as winners.
A joyful celebration of all that is great about Brondesbury, the Legends are now planning a tour of the nursing homes on the South Coast. This inaugural event has produced much interest in the senior ranks, so we are proposing to include an over 70s knock-out event in next year's tournament. Special thanks to the smartest umpire in town, Alex Dillon, and our very own uniformed ball boys and ball girls: Sam Amdor, Lauren Amdor, Arjan Seth and Caitlin Amdor.

Matt Bamford

The junior finals were remarkable for the quality of the tennis displayed. Special mention should go to Caitlin Amdor who won both 9 & Under and 10 & Under finals. The two Fitzpatrick girls, Louise and Lindsay, fought a very close final in the 14 & Under Girls, with Louise (who plays in the ladies 1st team) just winning in a 3rd set tie break.  

Amongst the adult finals special mention should go to the ladies doubles played between Rachel Frazer and Julia Searle against Margie Edge and Jane Whitefield (the holders). This match was characterised by extremely long and exciting points and a very close result, with Rachel and Julia just winning in the third set.

The Men's Doubles Plate Final was a tightly-fought contest between members of the 3rd Team, who are currently flying the Brondesbury flag in Slazenger division 5. 

Tournament organiser, Dave Smyth, and Marc Terry were cleverly outwitted on the sandy surface of court 3 by Jon Liddiard and Will Meyer. Cheered on by a crowd of two people, a dog and a tramp, Jon & Will shed their 'first-round losers' tag and played some first class tennis. They needed to: Dave and Marc are notoriously hard hitters and have become a solid pair over two seasons. Congratulations to all on an exciting match.

(Match report supplied by Matt Bamford)

Special mention must also go to Bev Bamford and Kris Dockx who organized and staffed our refreshment facility in the pavilion. Thanks also to Dave Smyth and Philip Wolmuth who organised the adult tournaments and to Marina and our coaching team who ran the junior tournaments. Extra thanks go to Dave Smyth for organising finals day itself.  

The full set of results is here


Finals Day 2016 - Sunday

Dear All,
Whether you are a team player, an improver, a parent, or just one of my millions of Instagram followers, please come and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere at the club this Sunday. 
The Michelin-starred Brondesbury Café will be open from 11.30am, serving sandwiches, cakes, tea and freshly squeezed anecdotes. 
The Championships begin at 11.30 (click here for the Order of Play), with the 8+U and 9+U finals, followed by the Legends, on Centre Court at midday. Come and support these grand old lads of the club before social services take them away forever. 
Finals will run throughout the day, with breaks for tea and more cake. I'm assured the sun will have his hat on and, in keeping with this year's theme, a matching handbag full of indigestion remedies. 
Don't forget to put the Presentation Evening and Talent Show in your diaries. All trophies, prizes and surprise awards are taking place on Saturday 24th September. Look out for posters and info throughout the summer. 
In the meantime, I'll see you on Sunday. 
Matt Bamford

Finals Day 2016

Dear Members and Parents,

We are pleased to announce the running order for this year's Finals Day on Sunday 26th June. As usual, five courts are available for social play in the morning, with coaching taking place on courts 6 & 7. Courts 4 & 5 will be required for Junior Finals from 11.30, whilst play can continue on courts 1,2 & 3 until 12.00. 

The full programme of events is here. Please come and support our future stars, current champions and the legends of the past, who will be engaging in an entertaining England v Hungary fixture. The average age on court might be around 81, but the jokes are likely to be considerably older. Play starts at 12.00, but come earlier if you want to join in the crowd trouble. Bring your own flares. Abusive chants welcome. 

The Brondesbury Café will open at 11.30, with all products (bagels, cakes, strawberries, Pimms etc.) free of charge this year.

Another date for your diary is Saturday 24th September, when we will be combining the Finals Day awards ceremony with the end-of-season celebrations. A full evening of feasting and fun is being planned, so look out for regular news items over the summer. As usual, we are auditioning acts for the Talent Show, so come and find me if you would like to participate or help out in any way. In the meantime, enjoy your tennis and I'll see you all on Sunday 26th June for the best Finals Day since records began.

Matt Bamford

Plate Draw

The draw for all the plate tournaments (for first-round losers) is now up in the pavilion. Please try and please these matches as quickly as possibly as plate finals will take place on the overall finals day at the end of June.

Tournament Plate Draw Sunday

Many club tournament first-round matches have yet to be played. We are holding a plate tournament for first-round losers but can't wait beyond Sunday to schedule the draw for it. So please ensure all first-round matches are played by Saturday. 

Court Usage Issues

Two issues concerning court usage have surfaced recently, with lessons for the membership and the committee. 

The first one came a few days ago in the shape of an amusing petition from members playing mid-week. Eight members had signed a paper petition left near the pavilion, presumably for the attention of myself and the rest of the committee. The concern expressed related to the court usage by boys from St Anthony's School on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They have the right to use two courts in specified hours. Coupled with the two courts allocated to coaching, this restricts general play to the block of three courts. Given the growth in mid-week play (consistent with the growth in membership over recent years) this means that players are sometimes obliged to wait for a court to become free.

The second issue concerns court usage by junior matches at the weekend. Complaints were expressed verbally to members of the coaching team who were running these matches. The complaints caused upset to Marina and her team over last weekend.

So, what actions are resulting from these two sources of concern over court usage?

Regarding the first one, involving St Anthony's School, the club will be in touch with the school regarding our contract with it. As it happens, a new contract has to be signed as the club has now incorporated, and the concerns expressed by the petitioners will inform the discussion with the school. Nothing can be done regarding this summer's term but the arrangements for 2017 might be reconsidered.

Regarding the junior matches, the committee had agreed that, just like adult members, juniors can and should participate in inter-club matches. These can only be arranged at weekends. We try and schedule them to cause the least impact, and that's why they start at 12:00, when general play begins to reduce. However, given the success of the overall junior programme the number of matches, related to age and gender, has increased, resulting in some weekend days having two matches scheduled. The committee will consider the impact of these matches when it next meets, but it's unlikely that the response will be to curtail them. The plan to address court usage issues is to build more playing capacity. This is in hand, but, as you can imagine, will take time and effort on the part of several tennis and club committee members. The match schedule is published in the website calendar, which might assist members in deciding when to come to the club.

In future, if any member has a concern regarding court usage when junior matches are held, please do not address your concerns to the coaching team. They are running these matches in their own time because of the care they take over the progress of their charges. Please feel free to contact me at any time in person, by email, phone, or, by leaving a paper petition at the club.     

No Monthly Tournament

As we have no coaches available this Sunday I'm afraid there will be no monthly tournament. 

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