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Club Social Times

As you know, these are Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10-12.  This is to remind you of the associated rules:

  • The aim is for everyone who's there to be included. This means that when you come to the end of a set you must ensure that anybody waiting to play is included in the next set of doubles..
  • Please do not arrange games to be played during these times as it is against the inclusive spirit intended.
  • Please do not arrange to play a club tournament match during these times.

Tournament On Sunday

There will be a tournament on Sunday from 2pm. Just turn up.


As the Premiership draws to a close and the tennis season begins, we are proud to announce the real highlight of the sporting calendar:

This will take place on Sunday 10th September. Please put the date in your diary and look out for posters and further information. 

As you know, we are Club of the Year 2016, so come and celebrate, bring a picnic and take part in the following events:

• Opening Ceremony
• Fastest Man
• Fastest Woman
• Loudest tea lady
• Speedy Junior
• Cricket ball throw
• Egg and spoon
• Miniature Marathon
• Sack race
• 100mph tennis serve

... and, of course a Tug of War. 
Start warming up and I'll be in touch as soon as I'm released from prison. 

Mr Bamford
PE Teacher

Men's Team Training Change

This will be held today at 5pm instead of 12 noon. The midday start will resume next weekend.

Junior Matches This Weekend

There are junior matches on both days this weekend starting at 12:00, one on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each match will occupy two courts and last about 2 hours. There might be pressure on courts as a result. One can never tell.

Only snacks this weekend

Alla is away this weekend 6-7 May.
There will be some drinks, crisps and sweets available.
Have a nice weekend. 

No Tournament This Sunday

Although this Sunday is the first in May, we have decided not to hold the monthly tournament as there is a junior match in the afternoon and the club tournament has just started, and, hence, matches are likely to be taking place.

Tournament Draw Published

The club adult tournament draw is now published in the pavilion. Please get to it as soon as you can.

This year there are a healthy number of entrants in all competitions,

and a record number in the men's singles. Anyone losing their first
match in the main draw for the men's singles, the men's doubles, or the
mixed doubles, will automatically be entered into a plate competition.
Because of the high number of entries, it is essential that the early
rounds, particularly of the men's singles, are played by the deadline
dates, in order to enable the plate competitions to start on time.

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